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Undergraduate Program

Chinh Truong
Undergraduate Advisor

102 Scott Hall
Phone: 612-626-0972


All College of Liberal Arts American Studies Majors have at least two places to go for academic advising. The American Studies Department and CLA Advising which includes the Society and Culture Student Community.

Your departmental Undergraduate Advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) are here to assist you in reaching your academic and career goals in an appropriate time frame. Student Community Advisors can help with registration, CLA degree requirements, extra-curricular activities and post-graduation plans.

In addition to completing American Studies major requirements, American Studies majors are expected to meet all general CLA graduation requirements as well. You are therefore encouraged to meet regularly with an adviser in your CLA Student Community as well as with the Undergraduate Advisor in American Studies. Questions about American Studies coursework and requirements, the senior paper, careers based on your American Studies background, graduate school, etc. may be directed to the American Studies Undergraduate Advisor. Questions about general CLA requirements and overall degree planning are best directed to your CLA adviser in your assigned student community.

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to schedule a "balance sheet appointment" in their student community at least once a year to ensure you are on track for graduation. Remember, it is the CLA advisers who ultimately clear students for graduation. You must apply for your degree online. Go to the One Stop Graduation website for guidelines.

Make an Appointment

American Studies' majors are required to meet with the Department's Undergraduate Advisor at least once each year. Please contact the American Studies Department by phone: 612-624-4190 to make an appointment with the Undergraduate Advisor if you have any concerns regarding your major program or academic goals.

Student Responsibilities

  • Knowing policies, procedures and requirements for registration and completing their degree.
  • Keeping copies of all paperwork.
  • Transferring any and all records to the admissions office. Making and keeping appointments with your advisor.