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Chinh Truong
Undergraduate Advisor

102 Scott Hall
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Learning Abroad

The Department of American Studies encourages its majors and minors to take advantage of study abroad. The Learning Abroad Center offers hundreds of programs to meet your academic and personal interests. You can take American Studies courses at a university in Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, or New Zealand, accelerate your language skills in Mexico, France, or Italy, view the world from a Japanese perspective in Tokyo or study world cultures in Italy, Venezuela, or Ireland. Study abroad programs offer an array of American studies and related courses as well intensive language study and internships. Students are invited to incorporate study abroad into their major program and will receive appropriate credit on review of courses taken.

For help in selecting a study abroad opportunity, and for the advice concerning the academic aspects of study abroad (such as credit transfer), contact the Learning Abroad Center (612-626-9000). They are located in 230 Heller Hall.

After attending a First Step Meeting at the Learning Abroad Center and using their resources to find a program that fits your goals, you should then consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in American Studies about courses that may count toward your American Studies major.

Visit the American Studies Major Advising Page which gives more details on programs, courses, and educational institutions abroad. Contact the department at or 612-624-4190 to request a copy or to schedule an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies regarding questions about whether specific courses abroad will apply to your American Studies major as well as area studies abroad and language immersion programs.

Access Abroad

Persons with disabilities or special needs are encouraged to explore opportunities abroad. The Learning Abroad Center and Disability Services are collaborating to enhance access to study abroad for students with disabilities. Go to the Access Abroad web page for more information.

For more information see the programs web site or contact the Learning Abroad Center.