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Fall 2015

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Mr Andrew J McNally

Department Affiliations


Andrew McNally is a doctoral candidate in the Department of American Studies. His research interests include US cultural history, queer and feminist critical theory, and the histories of race and empire in education. His dissertation, “World Friendship / World Making: Educationalizing Empire in Postwar United States" traces the emergence, popularization, and transformation of ‘international understanding’ in American education. It follows these shifts through a surprising range of texts, from primary school art projects to middle school summer camps to high school filmstrips to college classrooms. The project seeks to explain the ignored achievements and limitations of progressive social curriculum during the postwar years, understand transnational influences on contemporary curriculum wars, and uncover the reasons that idea of "the student" has become central to debates about war and peace in American politics. At the University of Minnesota, he has worked in a range of service roles, including member of the University Senate Consultative Committee, a member of the steering committee for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Group in Sexuality Studies, and as Executive Vice President and President of the Council of Graduate Students. He has taught writing, twentieth century cultural history, and the history of social movements in the United States.


  • History of Social Movements in the US
  • History of Education
  • US Cultural History
  • History of Race
  • History of Gender and Sexuality
  • Popular Culture Studies
  • Critical Theories of Gender and Sexuality

Educational Background

  • PhD (ABD): American Studies , University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, In Progress.
  • BA : History, Politics, and Philosophy , University of Pittsburgh.


  • Graduate School Thesis Research Grant, 2016
  • Nominee, President's Student Leadership and Service Award, 2014
  • Mulford Q. Sibley Graduate Research Fellowship, 2011
  • American Studies Departmental Fellowship, 2011
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