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Dissertation Archive


  • Flowers, Benjamin J Constructing the Modern Skyscraper: The Politics and Power of Building New York from the Great Depression through the Cold War
    Lary L May and Mary Solomonson, advisers
  • Fowler, Josephine "To Be Red and ‘Oriental’": The Experiences of Japanese and Chinese Immigrant Communists in the American and International Communist Movements, 1919- 1933
    Sara Evans and David Roediger, advisers
  • Kane, Kathryn Lynn Reel Relations: Investigating Racial and Sexual Identity Constucts in Popular Film and Looking Towards a New Vision of Coalition
    David Roediger and Lisa J Disch, advisers
  • Martinez, Anne Bordering on the Sacred: Religion, Nation and U.S.-Mexican Relations, 1910-1929
    David Roediger and Catherine C. Choy, advisers
  • Schaeffer, Felicity Dawn Cyber-brides between the United States and Mexico: Transnational Imaginaries, Migration, and the Intimate Economy of Marriage
    Jennifer Pierce and Eden E. Torres, advisers
  • Strunk, Mary Elizabeth The Girl Behind the Man Behind the Gun: Women Outlaws, Public Memory, and the Rise and Fall of Hoover's FBI
    Lary L. May and Sara M Evans, advisers


  • Basso, Matthew L Metal of Honor: Montana's World War II Homefront, Movies, and the Social Politics of White Male Anxiety
    David Roediger, adviser
  • Danforth,Pauline Brunette Night Flying Woman: Sacred Stories of the Ojibway
    Gayle Graham Yates, adviser
  • Gonzalez, Anita Marie Teen Voices: Television and the Self-Representation of Youth
    Maria Damon, adviser
  • Heikkila, Kimberly L G.I. Gender: Vietnam War-Era Women Veterans and U.S. Citizenship
    Sara M. Evans, adviser
  • Meland, Carter T The Trickster is History: Tribal Tricksters and American Cultural History in Contemporary Native Writing
    David W. Noble, adviser


  • Barclay, Daniel McNair Wilderness Errands in Urban America: An Environmental History of the Twin Cities, Minnesota
    David W. Noble, adviser
  • Drown, Eric Miles Usable Futures, Disposable Paper: Popular Science, Pulp Science Fiction and Modernization in America, 1908-1937
    Paula Rabinowitz, adviser
  • Noon, David H This is (Not) a Child: Race, Gender and "Development" in the Child Sciences, 1880-1910
    Richard Leppert, adviser
  • Sachs, Andrea J The Politics of Poverty: Race, Class, Motherhood, and the National Welfare Rights Organization, 1965-1975
    Elaine Tyler May, adviser
  • Shaw, Mary Ellen The Varieties of Goddess Experience: Feminist Pragmatism in the Study of Women's Spirituality
    Gayle Graham Yates, adviser
  • Willard, Michael Nevin Urbanization as Culture: Youth and Race in Postwar Los Angeles
    Richard Leppert and Lary L. May, advisers


  • Anthes, Bill Color, Line, and Color-ine: Abstraction, Identity, and the Post-War American Avant-Garde
    David Noble, adviser
  • Hill, Rebecca Revolutions of the Flesh: Martyrdom, Griefs, and Radical Popular History in America
    Geroge Lipsitz, adviser
  • Krasnow, Carolyn The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in 1970's Disco Culture
    Geroge Lipsitz, adviser
  • Lubin, Alex Interracial Romance and Post WW II Culture: Negotating Boundaries of Difference
    David Roediger, adviser
  • Mickenberg, Julia Seditious Stories: Children, Culture, and the Cold War
    Jack D. Zipes and Paula Rabinowitz, advisers
  • Miles, Tiya "Bone of my Bone": Stories of a Black-Cherokee Family
    David Roediger and Carol Miller, advisers
  • Mizelle, David "To the Curious": Exhibition Animals, Human Identity, and the Contested Boundary between Man and Beast in Colonial America and the Early Republic.
    David Noble and Richard Leppert, advisers
  • Reis, Martha Lynn Hidden Histories: Ben Reitman and the Outcast Women Behind Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Box-Car Bertha
    Sara Evans, adviser
  • Wood, Meredith A Re/Sisters In Crime: Politics And Sexuality In Lesbian Detective Novels
    David Roediger, adviser