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AMST 2011 The United States since September 11
Taught by David Karjanen

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th are events which suspended the normal workings of the country economically, politically, and culturally. This course explores the historical context of 9/11, situating the attacks in US military, diplomatic, and geopolitical histories. We will explore questions such as how 9/11 is similar or different from other attacks on the United States or US interests, what the historical relationship of terror to U.S. foreign policy, and how different countries have viewed the events. The cultural importance of political events since September 11th will be examined through an historical understanding of past conflicts, particularly how wars have shaped the nation's understanding of itself, its enemies, and its place in the world. The class will also look how 9/11 has been remembered and how the politics of memory shape notions of citizenship and nationhood. We will examine responses to 9/11 and its aftermath in art, literature, and film, which will also serve as a unique introduction to the interdisciplinary methods characteristic of American Studies scholarship.

Fall 2017

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Spring 2018

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